About TheraSport

TheraSport Physical and Aquatic Therapy is a private practice owned by Dr. Mindi Meadows Posey, PT, DPT, MS, ATC. We have proudly been serving the Rainsville area, including DeKalb and Jackson Counties, since 2003. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of care while treating our patients with the utmost respect to restore function and quality of life.

TheraSport is an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic that provides physical and aquatic therapy. We employ physical therapists and athletic trainers and specialize in sports medicine, workman’s compensation injuries, total joint replacements, and general orthopedics. Our certified athletic trainer is responsible for sports medicine coverage of local high school practices and games and is available to help guide students and parents in medical decisions. Our physical therapists value treating each patient as an individual with specific treatment plans in a professional, yet comfortable environment. Although we are a “medical” facility, we strive to make each patient feel as if they are at home.

Mindi Posey is the only dual- credentialed full time physical therapist practicing on Sand Mountain and TheraSport is the only full time physical therapy clinic in Rainsville. Mindi is a Doctorate level physical therapist and has been practicing since 1997. She also has her Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine and is a Certified Athletic Trainer.

New Patient Paperwork

Dr. Mindi Meadows Posey, PT, DPT, MS, ATC

TheraSport Physical and Aquatic Therapy is locally owned by Dr. Mindi Meadows Posey, PT, DPT, MS, ATC.

She completed her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in 2008, her Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine in 1998, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy in 1997 from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She was the Director of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for Southeastern Rehabilitation in Scottsboro, Al, for four years before opening her own practice in Rainsville in 2003. She is the only full time physical therapist practicing in Rainsville at this time. Mindi is also the owner of PINK Dance Studio, which opened its doors in 2005 and is now located inside the same building as TheraSport Physical Therapy. She was a competitive dancer throughout high school and a collegiate top ten dancer/choreographer. She combined her passion for her patients and her dancers to incorporate these two businesses in the same building.

  • Locally Physical Therapist owned
  • Dual-credentialed, doctorate level Physical Therapist
  • Experienced staff
  • Serving Rainsville area & Dekalb & Jackson County since 2003
  • Wide range of services
  • Professional, yet comfortable atmosphere
  • Full disability access

Our Facilities

TheraSport proudly opened its doors to our new “home” on 12-10-12.

The ultimate goal of our new building was to be able to continue to provide a professional, yet comfortable physical therapy experience that would feel more like home to patients than medical in nature.

With a spacious lobby and more square footage this clinic is sure to help patient’s to achieve the best possible treatment and chance for recovery. We have new cardiovascular equipment that adjusts to patients of all sizes and is specific to different patient populations, including elderly patients and total joint patients. We also have new weight equipment that is very user friendly and fits all patient types as well. We now have a sports/functional training area for sport specific rehabilitation that all of our athletes are able to utilize during their treatment without feeling crowded or crowding others. Athletes can now swing a bat, shoot a ball or even do functional drills on a suspended floor that is better for their joints. Finally, patients now have access to our 92 degree rehabilitation specific pool with handrails surrounding the pool, jets that provide resistance in the water for strengthening, and a deep water well for lumbar traction.

Aquatic Therapy

There are several benefits from using aquatic therapy for patient healing and exercise. First, the buoyancy of the water decreases the amount of weight bearing; therefore reducing stress on joints. Next, the viscosity of water is excellent in providing resistance to all exercises in the water for strengthening without using weights. Aquatic therapy can also decrease swelling and improve balance through its hydrostatic pressure. Finally, the warm temperature of the water assists in muscle relaxation and vasodilation of blood vessels, which increase blood flow to injured areas. Most people find that by decreasing the amount of joint stress it is easier and less painful to perform the exercises in the aquatic environment. All of these properties can be useful for several diagnoses including:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Healing Fractures
  • Generalized Weakness
  • Joint Sprains
  • Muscle Strains
  • Balance Deficits
  • Soft Tissue Swelling
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Back Pain

Pink Dance Studio

PINK Dance Studio opened in August of 2005 in Rainsville and offers classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical and Pointe.

Dancers may begin taking classes at three years of age. We have a recital in May of each year and offer classes year round. We do offer the chance to compete in dance competitions and have even competed in New York City at the NYCDA National Championships. Our new studio has the feel of a historic warehouse and is built on a suspended floor with ballet barres surrounding the studio and floor to ceiling mirrors.

Feel free to call with any questions!  256-638-PINK (7465)

Summer Classes
Please call for dates and times
New Studio Address
598 Main Street E
Rainsville, AL 35986
Call for class prices

Both TheraSport Physical Therapy and PINK Dance Studio support the Hold My Hand Foundation. This foundation was formed to honor and represent women and families who have suffered a pregnancy loss at any stage of pregnancy. This foundation was formed after Mindi and her husband had a second and third trimester pregnancy loss and felt like they were the only ones going through this heartbreak.

We think pregnancy loss is a silent epidemic throughout the world and wanted to first create a symbol to represent the reality of pregnancy loss.

The hand used in the symbol is our daughter, Meadows' handprint and is surrounded by a heart. The words ‘hold my hand’ signify a mom holding her baby’s hand, a husband holding his wife’s hand, or a grandparent holding his/her child’s hand while grieving together, etc. We have several objectives for the foundation, including partnering those who have lost with those who are losing and providing awareness to the community of what we believe to be a silent epidemic, pregnancy loss. Our hopes are to one day have a standardized system of pregnancy testing that is implemented in all ob-gyn offices to reduce the risk of pregnancy loss. Right now we are selling t-shirts to benefit the foundation so that the foundation can begin reaching out to others and providing support.”


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598 Main Street E, Rainsville, AL 35986